The Salvation Army

The Salvation Army International Development (SAID) is a department of The Salvation Army Australia working within the field of international aid and development work. Our vision is: A world restored by the love of Christ, living in dignity and filled with hope. SAID takes its values and governance from The Salvation Army which is a worldwide, faith based, not-for-profit organisation. SAID is responsible for the management of funds donated for international development and any other monies entrusted to The Salvation Army by the Australian public, the Australian government and by corporations to use for the purposes of international development.  SAID also manages internal funds provided by The Salvation Army for international aid and mission.

Our mission statement: Empowering vulnerable communities to prosper in their economic, social and spiritual lives. Our goal is to contribute towards the alleviation of poverty with high-quality interventions.  Our holistic, community development programs aim to produce benefits that will continue after our assistance has ended.

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